Work With Us

Working for Kompas Gramedia offers a great opportunity to gain multi-industry experience in a nationwide company.

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Business Areas

Before applying, here are the things you need to know about our business lines

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Selection Process

We challenge you to be part of us, to live your passion in a homey workplace and with our culture of always winning the heart, together we collaborate for success for a better Indonesia.

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Refresh Sejenak

Kantor Anda Berisik? Tenangkan Pikiran dengan Alunan Musik Klasik

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Anda Sedang Jatuh Cinta?

Dampak Buruk Jatuh Cinta pada Kinerja Anda di Kantor

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Good Leaders Indicators

Pemimpin yang Baik Tulus Mendukung Anak Buah untuk Berkembang

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Social Networking

Our Participating Company